Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Non-invasive brain stimulation technique with magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain.

What is Transcranial
Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)?

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is a relatively new form of neuromodulation. With rTMS, parts of the brain can be stimulated by the brain via magnetic pulses. This may be to stimulate or inhibit. Stimulation can target a very specific part of the brain allowing us to influence the functions of the brain there.

The magnetic pulses can prompt neurons (brain cells) to send a signal more often and more forcefully, or to do so less often. This allows us to influence brain circuits important in restoration of function. This application is particularly interesting in chronic symptoms.

Why do we use rTMS?

In rTMS, a coil is placed on head. A strong magnetic field is created in this coil, which is converted into pulses. These pulses are so strongly magnetic that they penetrate the skull and can stimulate or dampen certain parts of the brain. This allows for improved communication between both hemispheres of the brain.

The goal of rTMS is to influence the brain areas involved in your symptoms in such a way that they interact better with other brain areas.

With rTMS, we can do this for very specific areas of the brain. We usually, but not exclusively, use the Dorso-Lateral Pre-Frontal Cortex or the DLPFC for this purpose.

What do we want to achieve with TMS?

The goal of TMS is to influence the brain regions involved in your symptoms in such a way that your symptoms decrease. With TMS, we can do this for very specific areas of the brain without giving you medication and without requiring surgery.

This allows us to slow down or speed up areas involved in depression symptoms, for example. As a result, very good results can be achieved with virtually no side effects. With TMS, we can provide targeted treatment for various neurological disorders.

Your road to recovery

One week of intensive treatment

Step 1

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE)

You share your symptoms with us, prompting us to ask relevant questions and conduct a thorough Neurological Examination. This process allows us to assess whether our treatment is well-suited to your needs.

Step 2

Advanced Machine Testing (quantification)

Based on Step 1, we determine what tests are necessary to quantify the underlying cause of the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of computer-controlled equipment.

Step 3

Rehabilitation week (in 5 days)

We address the problems. Through an individual program specifically tailored to your problems, we bring back function during an intensive week of treatment.

Step 4


After the 5-day intensive treatment week, we will give you homework assignments. These are exercises that further promote your recovery. We are happy to keep an eye on these developments with you.

What to expect during treatment

With TMS, you take a seat in therapy chair and we place the magnetic coil on your head. A session of this therapy lasts about 20 to 40 minutes and you will receive the treatment several times during the week of your visit. During treatment, you will experience few side effects. You may experience some headache during treatment, but it is mild and temporary in nature.

What can you expect after treatment?

After treatment during our intensive treatment week, you can expect quick to very quick results. It is likely that you will still be tired for the first few days/weeks because your brain needs to process all the activity of the past week. However, your brain is resilient and adapts well due to its neuroplasticity. You may be a little more irritable during this period and sometimes experience mild headaches. However, this is temporary; there are no permanent side effects. With the passage of time, these symptoms will disappear and you will begin to notice more and more the effect of the therapy.

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