The late effects of a concussion

Our care for persistent symptoms after a concussion

What you need to know about a concussion

A concussion is not as harmless as most people think. Our brain is relatively vulnerable and needs genuine recovery after a concussion from a blow or accident.

A concussion primarily causes headaches and fatigue in the first days/weeks. A portion of individuals experiences fewer symptoms in the weeks following the concussion and gradually improves.
But for some individuals, the symptoms persist, lasting months to even years after the accident. You may then experience headaches, fatigue, reduced concentration, or mood swings.

Many people may find it challenging to handle stimuli and continue to experience symptoms while working or at home. Our specialist care is aimed at people who still have symptoms months or years after their concussion.

How we treat concussion

Concussion often involves damage to the connections between brain cells or between parts of the brain. As a result, stimuli cannot be processed as well by the brain. At times, stimuli are too intense, causing headaches or fatigue. At other times, stimuli just don’t reach the right place and we have little concentration.

Our care helps to better regulate stimuli in the brain. During our rehabilitation (treatment), we deploy a variety of different treatment techniques within a week, to bring the different parts of the brain back into alignment. This improves communication between brain cells and brain parts. This will reduce your symptoms and restore your brain functions.

Your road to recovery

One week of intensive treatment

Step 1

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE)

Share your concerns with us, and we will inquire further to understand them fully. Following this, we’ll conduct a comprehensive Neurological Examination. This process helps us ascertain whether our treatment aligns with your needs.

Step 2

Advanced Machine Testing (quantification)

Based on Step 1, we determine what tests are necessary to quantify the underlying cause of the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of computer-controlled equipment.

Step 3

Rehabilitation week (in 5 days)

We address the problems. Through an individual program specifically tailored to your problems, we bring back function during an intensive week of treatment.

Step 4


After the 5-day intensive treatment week, we will give you homework assignments. These are exercises that further promote your recovery. We are happy to keep an eye on these developments with you.

What does ABC expect from you?

Our concussion treatment is most effective when done within a short period of time. Dit betekent dat wij de therapie in de vorm van een volle week met allerlei uiteenlopende therapieën aanbieden. Binnen dit intensieve programma, doen we testen en trainingen om de balans tussen verschillende hersendelen terug te brengen.

Providing treatment within one week is integral to treatment success. Thus, it is not possible to offer them in phases.
Therefore, if you want to work permanently on your recovery, we ask that you invest a full week.

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