Inspiring stories


On this page, you’ll discover inspiring stories from patients who have completed our 5-day treatment program.

“The 5-day treatment program makes a world of difference in daily life”

Note: this video is in Dutch. Enable English subtitles for clarity purposes.

“It’s incredible what you have achieved in 5 days!”

“I picked up my son today after a week of intensive treatment. Last June he had a motorcycle accident, which resulted in a severe concussion. Regular care could not help him any further, the motto was, just learn to live with it.

I was very worried over the past year and a half until we ended up at Amsterdam Brain Center. We had a good feeling about it from day 1 and after the first tests we decided that my son had to follow the intensive week.

After 5 days of intensive treatment by Jessie, I have another son back. He is happy again and can handle the sound of his mother and some music at the same time. It’s incredible what you have achieved in 5 days! Thank you very much for your professionalism, good care and of course the result that has been achieved so far!”

– Liesje, mother of, 55 years old-

“The 5-day program has brought me a lot”

I was at home with difficulty concentrating and having fatigue problems after a collision and was completely taken aback. After a number of tests it turned out that I was completely out of balance and you were able to correct that. I felt understood. I can go through the day with energy again!

– Jan, participant of the 5-day treatment program –


“I feel like a human again!”

Sports, cycling, climbing stairs, driving a car, it was all no longer possible. Halfway through the process I already had less pain and was able to do small things again. I can now enjoy life again – Pearl, participant in the 5-day treatment program

– Pearl, participant of the 5-day treatment program –