Post-Concussion Syndrome

Our care for complaints due to Post-Concussion Syndrome

What you should know about Post-Concussion Syndrome

Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) can occur when complaints such as headache, dizziness, fatigue, memory and concentration problems and also sadness persist for more than 3 months after a traumatic brain injury has been suffered. Consider a concussion or brain bruise due to a hard blow to the head.

These complaints can sometimes last longer than a year and become worse over time. It makes all facets of life more difficult. Working, studying, exercising, family life, everything is less easy to maintain. Especially for people who still have symptoms after a period of several months or even years, we offer our specialized care.

How we treat Post-Concussion Syndrome

The cause of the Post-Concussion Syndrome is a neurological problem. There is damage or imbalance between different parts of the nervous system. As a result, there may be too much stimulation in some areas of the brain and too little in others.

Therefore, the key to successful treatment lies in regulating stimuli. With our intensive week of treatment, we recalibrate the different parts of the brain so that there is neither too much nor too little stimulation. This restores the nervous system’s ability to perform its functions properly, causing the symptoms to disappear.

Your road to recovery

One week of intensive treatment

Step 1

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE)

You share your symptoms with us, prompting us to ask relevant questions and conduct a thorough Neurological Examination. This process allows us to assess whether our treatment is well-suited to your needs.

Step 2

Advanced Machine Testing (quantification)

Based on Step 1, we determine what tests are necessary to quantify the underlying cause of the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of computer-controlled equipment.

Step 3

Rehabilitation week (in 5 days)

We address the problems. Through an individual program specifically tailored to your problems, we bring back function during an intensive week of treatment.

Step 4


After the 5-day intensive treatment week, we will give you homework assignments. These are exercises that further promote your recovery. We are happy to keep an eye on these developments with you.

What does ABC expect from you?

Our treatment is effective but intensive. This means that our treatment lasts a full week and during that time you will be in the clinic with us daily. Through the intensive program consisting of testing, training, neuro feedback and active stimulation, we bring back the balance between the different parts of the nervous system.

It is not possible to offer this treatment in parts because the intensity of the treatment is precisely the key to success. Therefore, we expect our clients to have a full week scheduled for treatment. So we ask you to invest a week to enjoy a life after that.

We can imagine that you still have questions after looking at our website

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