Functional neurological examination

What does functional neurological examination (FNE) look like at Amsterdam Brain Center?

Why do we do a functional neurological examination?

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE) serves as the cornerstone of our treatment approach, as it enables us to comprehensively assess your brain function and tailor our interventions accordingly.

Through the FNE, we identify dysregulation across various brain regions and functions associated with neurological complaints by conducting a series of standardized tests. This systematic approach provides us with a detailed understanding of your neurological profile, allowing for scientific comparison and precise treatment planning.

With the insights gained from the FNE, we not only ascertain the presence and severity of symptoms but also pinpoint the specific neurological functions involved, forming the basis for targeted and effective treatment strategies.

“After the functional neurological examination, we have a full overview of your symptoms and all the brain areas involved”

Amsterdam Brain Center

What does the FNE look like?

The study consists of a series of different tests. For example, we test the function of your pupils. When there are abnormalities in how quickly your pupil reacts to light, or how well you are able to follow an object with your eyes. If so, this provides important information about certain autonomic brain functions.

In this way, we do all kinds of tests to map brain functions. To get a complete picture, we dozens of different tests. Among other things, we test your balance and concentration, as well as your coordination and your reaction to light.

The total FNE takes place at our practice and lasts about 1.5 hours. The results provide a complete picture of any abnormal brain function and the brain regions involved.

“The functional neurological examination is there for anyone with a neglected concussion, PCS symptoms or other non-present brain injury”

Amsterdam Brain Center

What can you expect after the FNE?

After the examination, we elaborate on the data. This gives us a picture of abnormal brain functions and the brain regions involved. You will receive a report of this, which will include all the findings. The information from the FNE is the basis of therapy for us. We combine this information with your symptoms and any additional medical data. This allows us to know which brain functions need stimulation, where the balance between brain regions is disturbed or where stimulus processing is abnormal.

We then try to influence these issues during treatment. This makes the FNE the first step towards treating neurological problems.

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