Our care for dizziness complaints

What you need to know about dizziness

Dizziness can present itself in several forms. Some individuals may experience a feeling of instability or a sensation of being light-headed. Others might sense the environment around them spinning or feel as if they are the ones spinning. This condition often stems from the brain receiving conflicting signals.

Our body employs various mechanisms to determine our positioning, including visual cues from our eyes, feedback from tiny sensors in our muscles known as muscle spindles, and input from our vestibular system. When these sources of information clash, it leads to confusion in the brain, and consequently, dizziness. The pathway to alleviating dizziness frequently involves adjusting or filtering the signals that are sent to the brain.

How we treat concussion

Dizziness is a neurological issue stemming from either impure information reaching the brain or the brain’s inability to process the information correctly.

The solution, therefore, involves harmonizing the information or better aligning the involved structures. This is precisely what we do during our intensive treatment week. We synchronize the various parts of your brain to enhance the collaboration between different brain regions.

Your road to recovery

One week of intensive treatment

Step 1

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE)

You share your symptoms with us, prompting us to ask relevant questions and conduct a thorough Neurological Examination. This process allows us to assess whether our treatment is well-suited to your needs.

Step 2

Advanced Machine Testing (quantification)

Based on Step 1, we determine what tests are necessary to quantify the underlying cause of the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of computer-controlled equipment.

Step 3

Rehabilitation week (in 5 days)

We address the problems. Through an individual program specifically tailored to your problems, we bring back function during an intensive week of treatment.

Step 4


After the 5-day intensive treatment week, we will give you homework assignments. These are exercises that further promote your recovery. We are happy to keep an eye on these developments with you.

What does ABC expect from you?

Our dizziness treatment is most effective when administered promptly, entailing a comprehensive week-long therapy program encompassing a variety of treatments. Within this intensive schedule, we conduct tests and training designed to restore balance among different brain regions.

The necessity of completing this treatment within a single week is crucial for its success, making it impractical to deliver it in stages. Consequently, if you’re committed to lasting recovery, we request your dedication to a full week of treatment.

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