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The international centre for treating your concussion, non-congenital brain injury (TBI) or other complex neurological conditions.

Amsterdam Brain Center


Specialist in Concussion Recovery

Our expertise lies in addressing the enduring effects of concussion and managing Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).


International recognition

We receive and welcome clients from all over Europe and have a global network.


Evidence-Based Treatment Plans

Our therapies are grounded in scientific evidence and enriched by years of specialized expertise.

About Amsterdam Brain Center

For years, our focus has been on diagnosing and treating complex neurological conditions. We provide care for individuals grappling with the aftereffects of (long-term) concussions/brain contusions, brain hemorrhages, and other non-congenital brain injuries (TBI). Beyond trauma-related issues, we address a wide range of neurological complaints. Our clinic stands among the few worldwide that offer intensive rehabilitation for these conditions. This commitment defines our mission and fuels our passion.

For whom is Amsterdam
Brain Center?

Amsterdam Brain Center is there for people with different types of complaints resulting from a concussion or brain contusion. These can be a whole range of complaints. Such as: headaches, fatigue, irritability to noise and light, low energy, poor concentration etc.

How can we assist you?

We can assist with a broad spectrum of neurological issues. The range of complaints we address is extensive.

Review the symptoms listed in the blocks below and identify which ones you are experiencing.


I suffer from headaches / pressure on or in the head
I am very tired and/or foggy-headed very quickly
I am dizzy / lightheaded
I am sensitive to light and/or sound
I am nauseous
I have difficulty concentrating

Do you recognise any of the above complaints/symptoms? If so, these symptoms may have occurred as a result of a concussion.

PCS (Post Commotional Syndrome)

I suffer from palpitations
I have digestive problems
I regularly (almost) faint
I suffer from headaches / migraines
I am dizzy and/or lightheaded
I suffer from insomnia

Do you recognise any of the above complaints/symptoms? This may indicate a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system.

Dizziness complaints

I have vertigo
I have been told I have BPPD / BPPV, but therapy is not working
I have a false perception of movement
I feel like the world is swaying/waving
I am disoriented in my surroundings
I feel lightheaded / (almost) faint

Do you recognise any of the above complaints/ symptoms? If so, these complaints may be due to the balance organ.


I have tingling and a tingling sensation
I have a numb or numb feeling in my foot or leg
I have trouble sensing temperature
I have a burning and sharp aching sensation
I experience things that really shouldn’t hurt as painful
I have balance problems due to my feet and/or legs

Do you recognise any of the above complaints/ symptoms? If so, it could be due to peripheral neuropathy


I suffer from dizziness
I feel rushed easily
I suffer from palpitations
I feel weak
I occasionally see black before my eyes
My blood pressure is higher/lower than normal

Do you recognise the symptoms above? If so, you may be suffering from dysautonomia.


I suffer from (chronic) headaches
I suffer from (chronic) neck pain
I cannot concentrate as well as before
I feel tired easily and very weak

Do you recognise the symptoms above? This may indicate that you are suffering from Whiplash.

Your road to recovery

One week of intensive treatment

Step 1

The Functional Neurological Examination (FNE)

You tell us about your complaints. We will ask you the necessary questions about this and do a complete Neurological Examination. We determine if you are a suitable candidate for our treatment.

Step 2

Advanced Machine Testing (quantification)

Based on Step 1, we determine what tests are necessary to quantify the underlying cause of the symptoms. To do this, we use a range of computer-controlled equipment.

Step 3

Rehabilitation week (in 5 days)

We address the problems. Through an individual program specifically tailored to your problems, we bring back function during an intensive week of treatment.

Step 4


After the 5-day intensive treatment week, we will give you homework assignments. These are exercises that further promote your recovery. We are happy to keep an eye on these developments with you.

Where do we see improvement in general:

Based on scientific clinical studies and findings, our programme stimulates and activates the parts of the brain directly involved in symptoms so that cognitive functions improve. We ensure that the improvements are lasting.

Fatigue complaints
Processing stimuli (light, sound, visual)
Control over thoughts and body
Coordination of body in space understanding and orientation
Cognitive functions
Timing and responsiveness

What can I expect from the treatment?

Why Amsterdam
Brain Center?

At Amsterdam Brain Center, we are committed and care about the people we are privileged to treat. Therefore, we want to get to know you well first. We want to know what your unique challenges and your personal goals are. Then, we assess your brain and body to help you regain quality of life.

No standard treatment plan

Every complaint stems from a unique underlying cause. For this, our team will put together a specific, unique and individual treatment plan for you. (No two concussions are the same) Every case is unique.

Always your own
1-on-1 practitioner

We believe it is important to build a rapport with you. You will be treated 1-on-1 by your own specialist during the intensive week.

Simple clear

We don’t just treat, we want you to start understanding the underlying causes of your symptoms. So that you gain insight into how the brain functions and understand why we use certain exercises, treatments and therapies.

No medication
or surgery

We treat without medication or surgery. All therapies are non-invasive and non-painful.

White-glove service experience

Your needs are our priority.

Friendly, fun and energetic

Our treatments are perceived as friendly, fun and energetic.

What does Amsterdam
Brain Center expect from you?

Unwavering dedication and 110% commitment
Significant investment of time
Complete transparency and honesty
Adherence to all agreements

We look forward to seeing you at our centre

Ben Bolsenbroek


Jesse Alexander

BSc, DC, DACNB, FEAC(neuro)

Irving Fox


Yvonne Cottaar

Office Manager

We can imagine that you still have questions after looking at our website

For further details, kindly contact our clinic. You will be connected with one of our dedicated assistants.